Jan 20
Affiliated Financial Services, Inc.

AFS is a leader in the Financial Marketplace with innovative products, technology solutions, with an experienced management team.  

Since 1983, Affiliated Financial Services, Inc. has been an independent third party insurance agency, marketing fee-income products to the FI marketplace. Today, AFS continues as a marketing provider, assisting financial institutions in developing efficient and profitable platform programs. Affiliated Financial provides consumer-oriented fee-income programs backed by comprehensive training, an experienced support team and financially strong product providers.

Affiliated Financial Services’ objective is to help you succeed. The success of your Financial Institution or you, as an independent insurance producer, further solidifies the success of Affiliated Financial Services. In assisting you with achieving fee-income through high quality product carriers, both AFS and the respective Financial Institution succeed. Insofar as Affiliated Financial Services, Inc. is independent of insurance companies, our due diligence process ensures the independent selection of well recognized, quality companies that have demonstrated their wherewithal in developing innovative and successful products.

AFS takes a well-balanced and personalized approach to providing insurance services to its clients. With hundreds of researched selling agreements among our contracted insurance carriers, these relationships are designed to provide substantial support for our insurance-based clientele.

AFS Mission Statement- We are committed to increasing your bottom line by creating, delivering and supporting customized programs geared to the individual needs of our Partners.


AFS: Dedicated to Excellence - Powered by Experience.