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Thursday, 14 October 2010 15:43

1Source Financial Systems© is a new web-based program designed to eliminate the inefficiencies of paper-based business processing. The system intelligently gathers information, originates business transaction requests, and delivers the resulting information to the intended destination in a completed PDF form or XML data document.

Utilizing a dynamic interview with logic, the originators participate in an interactive question and answer session and are only asked questions that are pertinent to the process. The interview also has extensive validations that can be easily configured by the business analyst to ensure the origination of the transaction. The interview and all data are maintained in a single location so changes and updates do not need to be repeated in different language versions for the same interview. Multi-lingual capabilities will display for each aspect of the program creating a favorable end user experience.

1Source captures all forms of supplemental documentation needed for the overall origination of a transaction or event. The originator uploads or faxes documents into the system using a variety of methods, and once captured, the documents join the overall transaction through each stage of the value chain. 1Source system is being used in a number of vertical markets today. Such as:

Education- Completion of college applications
State government- Benefit and Safety division
Insurance Companies-Product Sales
Financial Services providers-Trust documentation
Federal Government-Air Safety

From the administration side of the system the horizontal design of 1Source originates and tracks transactions or events in virtually any vertical business market. Leapfrogging the traditional design/build models, 1Source puts the power of creating and maintaining the solution in the hands of the business analyst. With vertical-specific knowledge, the business analyst can become proficient with 1Source in a matter of days.

There are no limitations on how many levels of hierarchy that can be included, and the business analyst decides how many levels of the value chain are needed and what rights each participant has at each level. Without software engineers involved, time to market is short and costs decrease significantly. This makes 1Source a complete front end system that is cost effective and fully manageable as an in house system.

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