Dec 17
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1Source Financial Systems© is a new web-based program designed to eliminate the inefficiencies of the paper-based  business process.  One of our primary objectives is to provide solutions that will increase profitability while reducing costs, inefficiency and Not in Good Order documents (NIGOs).  This system streamlines the application process by making it electronic; eliminating the redundant, time- consuming activities and errors that can plague agents and their administrators.  Less time spent on paperwork and error reconciliation means more time for clients and increased profits.

1Source uses an intelligent interview that prompts the agent to ask questions that are applicable to their clients and then accurately populates the appropriate application and support forms.  As a result, an agent is no longer required to know multiple carrier's documents and they never risk using outdated or incorrect forms.  Additionally, once the data is collected, it is stored and can be used for future product applications.  This provides an excellent opportunity for agents to cross-sell a wide variety of client specific products without taking the time to re-enter core data. 

1Source is a multi-carrier, multi-product, multi-tiered delivery platform that enables you to manage your business at all levels while increasing and diversifying your offerings to clients. The success of your agency is directly correlated to the success of your agents.  It assists your agents in becoming more proficient in the sales process. That proficiency will:

     Increase the confidence of your agents in facilitating business

     Enable agents to increase the amount of the business they write

     Ensure all compliance and disclosures documents are completed

     Improve profitability while lowering risk


By utilizing 1Source,  your agents have the ability to pre-fill all applications and service forms from a simple, intuitive, interactive interview and never again see a “Not In Good Order” stamp from an insurance company.   One client reduced NIGO’s from 42% to just 2% by using the system.  In addition:

      Client information is stored for easy access and cross-sales opportunities.  Once initially gathered, all future applications and forms may be populated using the existing client information on file.


      A web-based solution that provides the highest security encryption available.

     Your non-retail based business may be integrated with your current software programs to maintain a single, consolidated client portfolio.

      Your institution’s logo and web site are used as the home page for the system.  It is fully integrated into your look and feel so all your personnel think it is your own system.

What benefits does 1Source have that other systems fail to offer….

      The only platform that can produce instant issue polices for the institution choosing to offer this type of program

      Multi-carrier, multi-line, multi-product, program

      Multi-lingual and multi-level hierarchy structure

      E-Signature capability

      Single point of entry

      Intelligent interview processing

      Regulatory and compliance forms automatically populated and printed out real time

       Low cost financial investment

       Straight through processing capabilities

      ACORD 103 compliant for life and  annuities

     System can be initialized and operational in 60 days or less

      Only system that can be maintained and updated by a business analyst versus a software engineer

      Clients can review their applications via e-mail and then approve, sign and submit while on the phone with the producer


Compliance and Suitabilityforms are critical functions that each institution requires in this regulatory environment.  1Source offers a robust, real-time solution by incorporating all of the necessary forms required by the regulators, the institution, and the carriers.

To meet any regulatory standards required by your institution, a customized menu of forms will be created upon request.

1Source will display a review screen all of the forms necessary to complete the client transaction. Once the proper state-specific forms have been retrieved from the electronic forms vault, 1Source will populate the required application and support documents for the specific state. 

The finished application package displays all of the information that has been accurately captured using the  system in a bright blue font making the agent’s review process clear and simple.

Programs using 1Source have achieved dramatic reductions in NIGO rates in business submitted by their agents due to the efficient, effective way that the system captures client information and populates forms.

All the required signature areas are also highlighted so the client and agent won’t forget to sign in the designated areas.



The Administrative Edge….

The 1Source admin site is a feature-rich database with powerful search and sort capabilities. Those individuals within your institution designated with Administrative permissions have the ability to view all business transacted using 1Source on a real-time basis.

Compliance and supervision are critical management functions in an ever-increasing regulatory environment. 1Source offers robust, real-time, decision-making tools to ensure that your program is meeting all requirements.

A customizable menu of compliance review options is available to meet the standards set by your institution. Some current options include:


 Interview Complete/Incomplete

     Authorized by Client

     Ready for Admin review

     Ready for Carrier Review

 Approved by Admin

     Rejected by Admin

     Rejected by Carrier


These decisions are accomplished quickly through an e-mail notification

hierarchy that is established by each institution.

Communication is a time-critical component of management success.


1Source combines robust features with customized options to ensure that your goals are achieved.


1Source has developed a life insurance platform that integrates complete agent and client/customer options into a single site, providing top carriers and life insurance solutions on it’s electronic delivery platform. 1Source is a single source for delivering multiple solutions to meet the life insurance needs of your clients.


 1Sourcehas developed a back-end process to provide a complete solution for the FI’s and/or their life agency.  1Sourcenow has a robust middle and back-end system that will provide the FI with all of the necessary components to manage their business. 


The system is available as a complete system or as an a-la-carte solution to meet the needs of the users. 


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